15 thoughts on “early church history

  1. It’s awesome. great job.
    I just want to check the birth date of John Chrysostom. Is it really 374? not 347? Some website(wiki and …) show is birth date c. 347, his birth date is disputed though.

  2. Admire your efforts – i’ve been meaning to give this a go myself sometime but am always stumped by how to display the confusing fragmentation of the Roman empire.

    For example, was there a reason you didn’t mention Dalmatius co-reigning with Constantine II, Constantius and Constans? That part of the timeline always starts to boggle my brain! (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dalmatius)

  3. love the clarity of the timeline! Thanks for doing it!
    Was wondering what was your resource in terms of dates? I’m asking because I’m seeing some slight variations in dates in my church history text book (Davidson. I, The Birth of the Church)

  4. Mark, have you thought about doing a chart/graph concerning the apostolic succession of the Apostles and canonization? Polycarp, Papias, Ignatius, etc…

    That would be a cool visual in regards to connecting theological influence and geographical footprints

  5. Thank you for your effort. I have something similar on the wall of my office (I’m a professor of biblical studies and early Christianity), but this simplified and electronic version is very helpful.
    Your timeline seems to imply that all the persecutions were empire wide or at least the totality of one half of the empire. It might be more helpful to be more granular in your representation of the persecutions seeing as only two persecutions were empire wide (see W. H. C. Frend).

    Best and thanks again!

    Richard Cunningham

    • Thank you, Richard. I guess one of the downsides of aiming for simplicity is being overly simplistic. If I get a chance to review the timeline in the near future, I’ll have a look at how the persecutions are represented too.

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