Travelling through the Old Testament

A timeline showing how the Old Testament fits together, showing key moments in history and different lines for each genre. By Tom Harricks. PDF version (29 KB).

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8 thoughts on “Travelling through the Old Testament

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  3. I love this! …& the entire site, for that matter! I just came across Visual Unit about 3 wks ago & am so very impressed & am benefiting greatly from it all! :) THANK YOU! Have you considered rotating this 90 degrees to the right, making it a portrait & then flipping the names of the books 180 degrees — that way the viewer doesn’t have to toggle between slanting left to read the key moment, then slant right to read the book names. I may be a visual wimp, but thought it might be worth sharing. Also, tell me you are familiar w/ Edward Tufte’s work? Thanks again!!

  4. Thank you so much! A lot of your charts are great for teaching people how the Bible flows. Really appreciate it!

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