Paul’s first mission


A map showing the apostle Paul’s first missionary journey (Acts 13:4 – 14:28; AD 46-48). PDF version (300 KB)


4 thoughts on “Paul’s first mission

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  2. Greetings again Mark,

    I wonder if its possible for me to use this and the other missionary journey’s for a congregational handout as I preach through this book. Many thanks for your service to the global church.

    Every blessing,

  3. Hi Mark

    I reckon it wouldn’t be too hard and would be helpful to add in Paul’s earlier journey as reported in Acts (not sure what the ordinal for the number zero is – his naughtiest journey?) – it would be good to see his journey from Jerusalem to Damascus to Arabia (which may just mean anything east of the Jordan) to Damascus to Jerusalem to Syria (probably Antioch) and Cilicia (probably Tarsus).

    Love your work brother


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