History of Christian Mission


A brief history of Christian mission (AD 0-2000). PDF version (1.5 MB)


5 thoughts on “History of Christian Mission

  1. Very helpful, but too simple. Not sure how you would represent this, but it neglects the 1000 years of mission to Asia and Africa by Asians and Africans prior to the arrival of Europeans (cf. Jenkins, The Lost History of Christianity, 2008).

  2. Thanks, Matt. Yes, I agree. It is too simplistic. But it was a big ask to try to compress the entire history of Christian mission into a single page!

  3. Yeah, I know. I feel your pain. Simplistic was probably the wrong word to use – euro-centric is probably more apt. If there was a way to represent Christianity spreading to, for example, China by 600, that would be really useful (as I’ve found doing cross cultural ministry at church and uni).

    By the way, thanks so much for making these resources available! So useful and clear.

  4. Apart from the aforementioned eurocentrism, I think 324 “state religion” is inaccurate. Only the 380 edict establishes Christianity as the State religion, 324-380 it is merely accepted and favoured, not established.

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