Ezekiel in pictures (redux)

ezekiel_pictures-BW2B&W PDF version

The book of Ezekiel illustrated chapter-by-chapter. Black and white versions.

B&W PDF version (608 KB)

B&W printer-friendly PDF version (608 KB)


8 thoughts on “Ezekiel in pictures (redux)

  1. Hi Mark, We’re just about to start Ezekiel in our sermons, small groups and kidschurch and I stumbled across your pictorial summary – I LOVE IT! Thankyou so much for sharing it! If it’s ok with you I’d like to give it to the members of my small group and the kidschurch teachers to help as they are preparing?
    Liz Halbisch

    • Sure thing, Liz. And thanks for the feedback. I rushed the summary for a introduction to the book and I’ve never come back to it since. So if you find any errors or if there are major elements of the chapters I’ve left out (pictorially), please let me know!

  2. Mark – just about to teach through Ezekiel with a bunch of students – would it be OK to reproduce your diagram on a handout? Will be printing about 40 copies, it’s a gospel summer camp in Wales.

    We’re working through Ezekiel in seven talks:

    33:21-22; 34:1-31

    Would be much appreciated!

  3. Dear Mark,
    Our church in Hong Kong is going to deliver notes about the Old Testament and I find this infographic is awesome for introducing the Book of Ezekiel. Would it be OK for us to translate this into Chinese and share it in about 300 copies?

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