Jonah map


A map showing the contrast between Jonah’s mission destination, i.e. Nineveh, and his planned flight to Tarshish. PDF version (1.5 MB)


157 thoughts on “Jonah map

  1. Would you mind if i used this as an illustration for a message i am preparing for church? Could you please email me to let me know? Thanks so much.

  2. We would also like to use this as an illustration for a message for Church. It will be used during a service at is captured and streamed online and we would like your permission to use this for that service.

    Thank you and Blessings,

  3. Your map is perfect for the adult Bible study group I teach at my church. May I have your permission to include it in my handout material. I would prepare a maximum of 10 copies. These would be distributed free. If you would like for me to email you a copy of the material so you can see how it is being used, I would be happy to do so. Thanks.

  4. I am doing a report on Jonah for my Bible class. Your map is perfect and I wondered if I could have permission to make a copy of it to attach to my report. When I do the report in front of the class maps really help show where everything is.

  5. Your map is great. Just what I have been looking for. I would like to use it in Indonesian on 29/01. Could I get an editable version for that purpose? Or a version without boxes – just with the routes? That would be fantastic!

  6. Thank you so much. I will be using in this my Sunday school lesson on Jonah’s disobedience and his discipline by God.

  7. May I use this graphic for display on our screens during our Midweek Bible Study? It is very well layed out and easy to follow.


  8. HI there – this is a super map! May I use it in my child-friendly bible study to make things more real for them?
    I’d really appreciate it.
    elle in cape town, south africa

  9. Hi Mark-
    Could you email me a copy of the map without the text balloons? I’d like to use it in our service on Sunday. Thank you so much!

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  11. Hi Mark,

    I will be preaching in a church anniversary and asking your permission to use your map.

    God bless you.

    in Christ,


  12. Hello Mark. I am writing a post on my Blog and this map would be perfect. My blog is in wordpress. Could I have your permission to link it to my blog? if yes, do you know how that’s done?

  13. Mark,
    Your map revealing the path that Jonah desired and the path that God directed is well illustrated. Thank you for making this information available. Our ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) will be covering a lesson on Jonah and relating it to outreach. May I have permission to use it for our ABF (lesson planned for 2/10)?

  14. Hi there! I love this map! I am putting together a three day VBS program where we will be looking for part of Jesus’ story in the story of Esther, Jonah and Joseph. I would like to use it as a background piece during our Jonah skit.

  15. I could see you give permission to use this map. I will too for classroom use, paper presentation re teaching of Jonah. Your map has really been helpful. Hoping for your kind permission too. I will of course cite the map source, your website and name, many thanks, Titus Filio, ACU, Strathfield, NSW Australia

  16. My I use your map for my church’s small group Bible study? It is an excellent visual aid! I’ll be teaching on Jonah over the next four weeks.

  17. Hi Mark, may I use your map for my presentation please? I would like to use it as my visual aid in sharing the story of Jonah. Thanks.

  18. Hi Mark, THanks for a great map – great for illustrating a message I am preparing. Is it OK if I use this as well for a Sunday AM service? Thank you!

  19. Thank you for the map. It’s a wonderful visual aid. May I use for a VBS class I’ll be teaching this summer?

  20. Mark,
    I would like to use this map at our Catechism Camp where we will be acting out the story of Jonah. Thank you for a fine resource.

  21. Mark,
    I am running a holiday club in the summer where we are teaching the kids about Jonah! I’ve been looking for resources to help the children picture the scene: This map is exactly what I’ve been hoping for. Would it be ok to use it?

  22. Hey Mark,
    This is a fantastic map. I am preparing a Bible study on Jonah for a group of about 15 teenagers would I have permission to use your map for a powerpoint and print out?

  23. Hi Mark. This is ideal for a ppt that I am preparing to help a friend with a kids camp. Thanks for sharing this. I will ensure that you are acknowledged.

  24. Hi Mark, May I use your map to show (Powerpoint) to about 170 college students at a Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) weekly meeting? Indeed, we are all a type of Jonah!

    • Absolutely, Pete. Yes, Jonah is a vivid picture of our relationship with God. Sin is running from God. Grace is God bringing us back (sometimes kicking and screaming).

  25. Hello Mark,
    I am doing an extensive study on the book of Jonah for my Inductive Bible Study Class and your map fits into my project very well. I was wondering if I could potentially use it and attach it to my report as a reference with your permission?

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  27. Love the map and hope to use it on the overhead for my Adult Class during our Christian Life Hour, with your permission

  28. Dear Mark, thank you for your hard work in constructing this and making it understandable for “modern” people! 🙂 May I use it to teach a group of Year 6 children?

    May the Lord continue to bless you in creating brilliant visual resources!

  29. I will be teaching a class on the Minor Prophets start in March. I would like to use you map of “Jonah” when we study the book of Jonah. Can I download the map and make a pp slide, or do I have to copy then scan into my computer??

  30. Hi Would you mind if i use this for church/bible study purposes, including sermon presentation?

    Also would you feel like posting your OK for others to use, so each of us doesn’t need to ask each time?

    Thanks muchly.

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  33. We came across your map in search of information about the time of Jonah. Thanks for such great detailed. We would like to use it for a PowerPoint presentation for an University assignment if that is okay? Thanks.

  34. Hi Mark,
    We came across your detailed map through searching for information on Jonah’s time. We would like to use your map for an University Power Point assignment if that is okay?
    Dave and Lisa

  35. Hi Mark, I’m teaching a session on Jonah to a group of youths. Would like to use your map as part of my lesson. Would that be fine with you? (I really love your map!)

  36. Hey Mark,
    This is a great map. Would you mind if I used it in a Mission devotional for my Youth Group? We pick a book to study each trip and Jonah is what we are going to be focusing on this year. The devotional would be used by our mission team for the trip only.

  37. Dear Mark,
    i work as an editor at a Hungarian Christian Publishing Foundation. I am working on a Sunday School Book and desperately need a good map about Jonah. May we use this one? Can we change somehow the text into Hungarian?

  38. Hi
    Great map. I would also like to use it for my sermons on Jonah and Nahum. It would appear on slides for the sermons on sermon-net. Is there any form of words you would like for a credit?

  39. I will be speaking on Jonah at Thomas Road Baptist Church soon.
    This message will be televised can I get your permission to use your map?

  40. Love this, thank you. I still do not know the distance from Joppa to Tarshish in either nautical miles or kilometers, or miles. Would also like to know the contrasting miles to Nineveh from Gath-Hepher. I love the detail; also, may I use your work for my own personal study as well sharing with others?

    Thanks bro,

  41. Never mind. I found what I needed. Thank you……..may I still use your map? Its very cool.

    Thanks again,

  42. Thanks for share this Map, that explain better Jonah Trip, if is ok i will use it in my bible clase, tanks and God Bless You. 1 Corinthians 15:58.
    Marcelino R.

  43. I am speaking at an upcoming winter camp in Feb and would love to use this and in future speaking engagements with your permission that is. Thanks for the work you have done. And no I am not the Jonah that was swallowed by the great fish but named after him!

  44. Love your work, Mark!

    This makes me think that – if Spain actually *is* Tarshish – that, based on West Asian cosmology as well as that of Greece and later on even Ireland – Jonah was actually trying to go, not only in the opposite direction from *The Mission*, but also to the very edge of the universe as it was understood at the time, or perhaps beyond, to ensure that he avoided showing mercy to those he was being sent to.

    Anywho! If, on a discussion board, I were to post an image link to a design of yours, would that be okay?

  45. We are starting a study on Jonah with a small group. I love this map and the ability to visualize the area and depth of Jonah’s desire to go far away. May I copy this for our group of 12? Thank you

  46. You map is a valuable resource for the Book of Jonah. Thanks for your work on it. Would you grant us permission to use your map in a free downloadable Bible study series we publish for ESL/ELL adults? If so, what kind of credit line would you like us to include?

  47. This is a great map showing the cities mentioned and giving a perspective to the flight of Jonah? Could I use this map as an illustration for a message regarding Jonah?

  48. Could you email me a copy of the map without the text balloons? I’d like to use it in our Bible Study class. Thank you so much!

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