Romans map (simplified)

A simplified version of the Romans map, showing Paul’s missionary plan as outlined in his letter. PDF version (1.1 MB)


7 thoughts on “Romans map (simplified)

    • Pure speculation, Nelima. But now you mention it, the letter more probably did travel via sea, considering it was delivered by Phoebe who came from the port city of Cenchreae.

      • Thanks! For what it’s worth, I like the overland path as it represents an alternative route on which people would have travelled. Please don’t change it on my account!

  1. Dear Bro. Mark, I am very impressed by your map and how you made contemporary for learning. I am currently preparing to teach Minor Prophets at my church, I find it very difficult to create a visualization of maps just like yours. May I know how do you do it? I have tried google maps but there is no where I can remove the current country names. Is it possible for you to give me some insights and helps with this? I can be contacted at my email. Blessings, Robin.

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