Map of Asia Minor provinces


A map showing the provinces of Asia Minor at the time of the New Testament. PDF version (262 KB)


12 thoughts on “Map of Asia Minor provinces

  1. Hi Mark,

    Again, I’m loving these maps for our Acts series! I want to honor your copyright and ask for your permission to print this graphic for a handout for people to map Paul’s journeys. Just a handout for church, not to be sold or republished Would that be okay?

    Thanks again.

      • Hey Mark, Sorry for the late reply. It for a presentation I am working on currently. I am doing some studies on Ephesians and I think this map will be a good fit for one of my presentation slides.

  2. Great map! Just found it as I was looking for a map of Asia Minor for a study on 1 Peter. Do you mind if I use it in Powerpoint? I will give you credit. Thanks.

  3. Mark,
    Could I please have your permission to use this map on a handout for a bible study I’m teaching on 1 Peter. It is very well done!

  4. Mark,
    I’m teaching a bible study on 1 Peter and would like your permission to use your map for a handout for the class. It is very well done!

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