Worldview survey

worldview_survey worldview_survey2

Worldview survey by Cameron Blair from FEVA. PDF version (124 KB). PDF print-friendly version (124 KB).


7 thoughts on “Worldview survey

  1. 1) Great visuals!

    2) For the Worldview Summary, wouldn’t it be more accurate to have ‘Theist’ come immediately following the first ‘Yes’ followed by “more than 1 God” and replace the current ‘Theist’ with ‘Monotheist’?

    My understanding is that Deism, Polytheism, Pantheism, and Panentheism are all categories under Theism

    3) A major religious category ‘Animist’ is missing. Is there a way to work it in to the current map?

    I am using this with Bible classes that I teach to non-Christians as a self-assessment of beliefs.

  2. Mark,

    My name is Andrei and i’m from Brazil. would you mind if i translate this infographic and print for expose in my school?
    i’m waiting your answer. Since now thank.

    • Hi Andrei. Great to hear from you. You’ll need to contact Cameron Blair from FEVA ( cameron @ for permission to translate this work as he was the actual creator of the survey. Thanks, Mark.

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