Models of the Tabernacle furnishings

LampstandAltar TableLampstand AltarTable

Cardboard cut-out model templates for the tabernacle furnishings (from Exodus):

See also the Ark of the Covenant.


8 thoughts on “Models of the Tabernacle furnishings

  1. Just a heads up, the Lampstand model needs either a thick card or some reinforcement (e.g. a wooden skewer or Popsicle/craft stick) between the two sides to hold its shape and stand up straight.

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  3. Mark,
    God bless you for all the work that you have done in making these pdf’s. I teach at a Christian High School and would like to make copies for my students to make these models and need your permission to do that.


    • Thanks Aimee. I only planned to make the furnishings for the tent of meeting, but I guess I could add the altar at some stage. I’ll put it on the list.

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