Romans: the Big Picture


A revised overview of Paul’s letter to the Romans (adapted from commentaries by John Stott (IVP) and Douglas Moo (NICNT)). PDF version (252 KB)

This overview aims to show how the main theme of Romans, namely Paul’s gospel of salvation in 1:16-17, is expressed throughout the letter. Paul outlines this theme vertically, i.e. how the gospel impacts our relationship with God in chapters 1-8 ( = faith + hope). Paul outlines this theme horizontally, i.e. how the gospel impacts our relationships with others in 12-16 ( = love). Chapters 9-11 are the bridge from the vertical to the horizontal, i.e. how faith in the gospel redefines the people of God, i.e. Jews and Gentiles together in Jesus.


11 thoughts on “Romans: the Big Picture

  1. Brilliant Mark and just what the doctor ordered! We are about to start Romans in April…. and now there is a wonderfully useful outline. Thank you very much. Leonie de Groen


  2. Hi Mark,

    This looks great! It’s also great you have Chinese version as we would like to see more of that as well. Very clear and would be great if I can share this with my congregation. Wonder if I have the permission to include it in one of my preaching slides?

    Many thanks.

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