This site is a collection of biblical diagrams, illustrations and infographics that I’ve put together over the last few years in various ministries. If you have any thoughts and suggestions for improvement, please let me know.

Feel free to use any of these graphics for your own personal use, but please let me know if you want to use any of them in your ministries or if you want to republish them in any way via the contact page.

Grace and peace,

Mark Barry

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  2. just found your site while looking for infographs on the bible. I have been disappointed for a while at the lack of quality visuals and was blown away by some of your collection. You have been bookmarked.

  3. Thank you so much for making these resources available. My mother has been leading Bible studies for women for several years and is committed to making the Bible more accessible to her students. My mother is 90 years old and her students range in age from 70 to 93. All of the women have been faithful church attenders for their whole lives but most of their Bible knowledge has come from verses used as a launching point for sermons. Some come from a tradition that did not encourage Bible reading or study by the laity until recently.

    The women are hungry for information and understanding of how it all fits together. I came upon your site when looking for a clear and readable map showing the 12 tribes of Israel. My mother’s students are highly intelligent, eager, and able to learn. However, their vision is not what it once was. Thank you for providing materials that are high contrast and easy to read. Most of the women use the internet so will benefit greatly knowing about your website.

  4. Wow. That’s so great to hear, Beverly! That is why I put all these diagrams up on the site in the first place, to help people see how their biblical understanding ‘all fits together’.

    Please let me know if there are any diagrams you or your mother would like to see here in the future.

  5. Hi,
    I want to tell you that I think this site is great. For us visual people it’s especially good.

    You seem to truly want feedback and corrections as I do with my blog, posts, ideas, etc.

    Two things I can think of are:
    -if a graphic is mainly black or has a lot of black it may use up a lot of toner or ink, however I noticed with the Bible Timeline you reversed it. I’m not sure how many people would print them out but they would be good for educational purposes.

    -In your Bible translation chart, I would make paraphrase a separate section. Also, The Message was translated using the original languages. I think it’s far enough away from dynamic equivalence to warrant that. NLT and GW stick pretty close to the original languages even though they’re solidly dynamic.

    Extremely picky things. The site is so good I had to really scrounge to tr to help. I mainly want to say how much I like this and will try to mention it on my blog at some point. (I don’t have a Blogroll. Long story.)

    I would like to see history of Bible translations, although that’s been done but not as pretty, and how each Psalm fits into the history of the OT.

  6. Hi Mark

    I was really pleased to find Visual Unit! I’ve referred to it in this post, and also alluded to the things I’d like to see more of in the promising world of Bible infographics.


  7. This is a wonderful site. I have been looking for a graphical presentation on the NT and its composition. Thus Luke-Acts makes up abt 25% of the text. John with John, his letters and Rev makes up a big chunk. I know various assumptions are involved but would you be able to help? Or you may know where this has already been done. Paul in terms of volume comes in rather low.

  8. Thanks Jeff, Arthur and Tim for the kind comments and feedback. Sorry for my tardy reply. I’ve been away on holidays and, you know, not doing much 🙂

    Jeff – I’ve posted a printer-friendly jpeg version of the Bible timeline (i.e. inverted):

    Tim – I’ve posted the only thing I have on the size of NT books, however, it sticks with the canonical order, rather than grouping by author:
    Still, I hope it helps.

  9. Great visual aids.

    What do you mean by personal use? Is using at church, with acknowledgment, personal use?

    Are you mainly asking people not to copy and paste onto their own blogs? Is copying a single visual to show what you are encouraging people to investigate permitted?

  10. Mark, Congratulations and thank you!
    I have only just stumbled upon your site, and have been overwhelmed with the amount, quality, and usefulness of your resources. I can see many uses for these in many contexts and am even tempted to print them out and pin on my walls.
    So just wanted to thank you for making them available and encourage you as you continue in your work for the Lord!


  11. I’ve begun researching curricular material for beginning a BIble Club at an apartment complex. The “target group” are children in 1st to 5th grade. I’m thrilled to find your material: a lot of it will “grab” and “communicate” the character of the Bible to children who have not had a lot of exposure to this kind of teaching!

  12. Mark,
    I really appreciate your site. Very helpful infographics. I’d love to see something on the reorganization of the kingdom under David if you would be willing to tackle such a task. Some sort of chart that depicts the Levitical courses, military courses, etc. in 1 Chronicles. I’ve been searching for something to no avail. Seems that the chronologies in that book could be really illumined through your approach.

    If you don’t mind me asking, what program are you using to depict the information in this manner?

    Keep up the strong work.

    • Thanks Steve. I’ll see what I can do on the Chronicles stuff, but it might be some time coming. This site is definitely a side-project at the moment, and I’ll be encamped in Romans and Mark in terms of teaching for the next few months.

      (I’m using Adobe Illustrator/InDesign for the graphics, but I’m still very much a novice.)

  13. I love the site! Very helpful for preparing bible lessons! Do you have the Hebrews PDF (Old Covenant/New Covenant) available in B&W?


    • Great to hear, Angela. Yes – I do have a B+W PDF of the Hebrews diagram. I’ll email it to you or post it soon. (Sorry for the slow reply, I’m currently on holidays.)

  14. I love this site! I am going to home school my step-son and I am looking for visual aides to put on the wall for our history curriculum that follows Creation and what is going on in the ‘rest’ of the world. Is any of this available to purchase for that use?

    • Thanks, Laura. Feel free to use whatever you’d like for your personal use! Any donations are welcome, but please don’t feel obligated 🙂

  15. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the hard work, some of my favorites are the English Reformation, The Ezekiel in Pictures and the Isaiah timeline.

    I was wondering, if you could help me out with a theological design. I’m trying to represent the Ordo Salutis visually, on one page. What I’ve got has been through a number of revisions since theological college but would love to fine tune it even more, make more accesible to the average Christian.

  16. Hi, I stumbled upon one of your works while googling for a Bible timeline. It was cool and simple! Love it! Then I thought about using it as an added resource for the Bible reading segment of our local church bulletin. I mean, since our Bible reading order this year is Chronological, why not couple it with a comprehensive timeline? This will be very helpful!

    Thank you for dedicating your talent to God! This ministry you do for the Lord is greatly appreciated and will be richly rewarded in due season. God bless you! 🙂

  17. Hi Mark!

    I was referred to this site (for a visual learners approach) and laughed when I saw the name behind the images. Your work has a very (good) distinct look about it!
    Your metlink map of the reformation seems to be missing…?
    Maybe talk to Rob Turnbull about some of the graphics work that he’s done for various BYB presentations (especially revelation) and see if he’s happy to put some of them up?

    Catch you at NTE amigo!
    Rosey =)

    • Always nice to hear from you, Rosey. I was never totally happy with the church history diagram, but I never had the time to research and revise it properly. Maybe I should put it up anyway and ask people for constructive criticism. Yes – I should get in touch with Rob. His graphics (particularly for Revelation) are way more graphic than mine!

  18. Mark…

    I am a pastor and am getting ready to start a study on revelation. I would like to include your Bible Timeline graphic in the study materials I’m going to pass out to our congregation. Can you please let me know what I need to do to get proper permission to use this resource? Thanks and God Bless.

    Pastor Jim

  19. As a visual learner (and sometimes teacher) I love this.
    I’m speaking at an evangelistic seminar on the historicity of the bible. Would I be able to use chart on the Reliability of the NT?


  20. While I’m thinking about it, I wouldn’t mind using the timeline and the map of Micah’s Israel for church if possible. (Am preaching through Micah.)

    Did I mention I love this!


  21. Hi Mark,

    Your materials are incredible! I’m a staff pastor, and I’m teaching some fundamental Bible courses at our church’s internship and want to request to use your maps of Paul’s missionary journeys. Please let me know if it is possible to use your content. Thanks for your time and efforts!!!

    Blessings, Joe

  22. Would you be happy for me to reproduce your OT timeline on our church notice sheet to help people get the backgound for my sermon series on Haggai?

    Matthew Brailsford North Ferriby UK

  23. Hi Mark,

    Just wondering if you do design work for other fellow Christians ? I am starting a software business and need someone brilliant for our design works.



  24. Mark,
    I will be speaking on Jonah and would like to use the visual of Jonah’s journey if you don’t mind. I was looking for a quality visual that clearly represented his journey and this more than does that.


  25. I love the clean lines and creative ideas of your work! The only true piece of constructive criticism I can come up with is that I wish there were more! 🙂 I have been thinking back through the posts though, and I know you want feedback, so here’s my attempt. I have heard several sermons on the symbolism of Christ in the tabernacle. While a blueprint-like rough draft was given for the tabernacle, I know you could do more with it. There are the colors of the fabric that overlay the structure (and how they correspond to the gospel), the thickness of the veil before the Holy of Holies (a hand-width thickness and demonstrating how powerless we are to stand before God without Christ’s sacrifice), Jesus being the high priest, the usage of gold, silver, and bronze (which in the Hebrew mindset may hold the ideas of glory, redemption, and judgment) … It seems like there could be more visuals in general showing Old Testament and New Testament connects through Christ. So many ideas to reverently play with! And you do that quite well. Keep it up. Hope my comment helps. God bless 🙂

  26. Hi Mark,

    I’m a student a Moore. I just made some comments about the infographic ‘The Reliability of the New Testament’, after a bunch of friends were sharing it on Facebook.

    I absolutely love your material. I’ve often found it really helpful. But this one, I’m really not so sure about. I think it has the potential to communicate a radically inaccurate picture of the manuscript evidence for the New Testament. Some of my friends were sharing it and claiming that it showed there are 24,000 whole copies of the NT from within decades of it’s composition.

    Here are my comments: http://scottym.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/why-this-nt-reliability-infographic-is.html

    I think the bubble-plot graph may be the wrong kind of graph to portray the data. It would be wonderful if you could develop a more accurate chart, that somehow gave us more information about the quality of texts, and distance from the 1st century AD – although I know that will probably be very difficult!



  27. This site looks fantastic! Thank you for your creative, Biblical ministry.

    Recently one of your diagrams went semi-viral on facebook, the one where you compare the number of copies of ancient texts and how long after the orignal version they are, where it sort of looked like a solar system. I thought it was a great diagram, but it’s disappeared off facebook and i can’t find it here either. perhaps could you please install a search function on your blog?

    God bless!

    • i just read ‘Scott MacKay’s comment above mine. yes, that diagram doesn’t show how many errors are in each of those manuscripts or how complete each of those manuscripts are, but a diagram can only show so much. the diagram aims to show how many manuscripts there are and how close to the original they are, and it achieves that aim. it doesn’t comment on the fullness of each manuscript, but it doesn’t claim/aim to either. i thought it was a great diagram and hope to see it back again.

  28. Nice work, brother.

    You have a talent for pattern-finding. Just curious about the context of the work itself. Do you do these for your personal learning or for Bible studies, etc? Do you use Photoshop or…? I make a lot of visuals for Bible studies and sometimes sermons, though most of my charts are in PowerPoint and dynamic.

  29. Mark,

    I am very impressed by your labor of love and grateful to you for letting others benefit from it. I am currently teaching a Bible study on the life of Jospeh and would like to use your illustration of the tribal allotments. May i? Also, for future reference, should I ask permission to use each specific illustration as they become applicable?

    • Sure thing, Greg. Feel free to use the tribal map for your study. Maybe you could email me about the type of diagrams you were thinking of using in the future and how you were planning to use them (see above for my address)? Is that OK?

  30. I would like to use your illustration of the genealogy from Adam to Noah, but I’m unsure if personal use covers use on a personal blog. Please let me know if I may use it. I would be happy to put appropriate attribution and a link back.

  31. Hi Mark, really love your visuals, I was hoping to put a link to your website on our church notice sheet but wanted to check if thats OK with you. (We are a small parish in the UK)

  32. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for some great resources. I’m leading a study on Isaiah and I’d love to use some of your charts to help the group understand it better. Would that be ok?
    Also have a chart of my own, perhaps you could email me and I’ll flick it on to you.

    Thanks so much.

  33. Mark,

    I do like your illustrations, and would like to include some of them in my sermon Power Point presentations, and also in by Bible study presentations. Would that be possible?

    Thanks for all your effort.

  34. Hi Mark:
    Requesting permission to utilize your map on the journey of Jonah at Cornerstone Community School here in So Cal. A 501 c3. I am teaching Chapel on The book of Jonah and your illustration is the best I have seen on line. Thank you and many blessings,

    Mario Cannavo. M.cannavo@cox.net

  35. I would like to use your map of the Assyrian Empire (around 700BC) for some sermons I am doing at church on Jonah. Your map is better than anything else I have found. I just plan to show the map on our video screen. I will not print it. Would this be ok?

    Dave C.

  36. Hi Mark, have been a fan of your graphics for years… do you mind if our church made use of your Acts charts (acts_progress) as an appendix to our Bible study booklet next term? Will be sure to acknowledge the source. Thanks!

  37. Mark,
    I am teaching on Revelation over the weekend and was just wondering if I could use some of your illustrations during my talk? What do you think? Thanks for your hard work on this site.

  38. Dear Mark,
    I’m a pastor. Searching your whole works, I was really moved to adoration by your generosty and technical distinction. It’s really great!! Whenever the chance comes up, I want to use your illustrations during my preaching.
    Thank you for your sharing~!!

  39. Hi Mark,
    I just found your website when searching for some corollary materials for a fall women’s Bible study on the book of Isaiah. May I have permission to duplicate the Isaiah timeline for the women in this group? We are in Massachusetts, in the USA.

  40. Hi Mark,
    Thanks so much for making these available to use. I am a home schooling mum and will be using these to help bring the bible to life as we read it.

  41. You might want to consider modifying your logo. One-eye symbolism is used by the occult as a representation of Lucifer (eye of Horus, all-seeing eye etc) and can be found in the logos of many groups and companies with known ties to Luciferianism. The symbology is used on the US $1 bill, along with numerous other Satanic symbols. God wishes us to have both our eyes open.

  42. These info graphs are so helpful. I teach Sunday School for 7 graders. Can i use your periodic table of the Bible on worksheets for a class on Books of the Bible? My kids would love the colors and sciency feel. I have ‘pinned’ it too. Am gonna keep coming back for more. Thanks !

  43. Hi Mark,

    Awesome graphics! I’m just about to start a series on Ezekiel and was wondering if its okay to use your ‘Ezekiel in Pictures’ image as part of my opening. It’s a wonderful summary. You’ve got a gift!



  44. Wow, I just found “Visual Unit” yesterday. Superb graphics, great design, layout and use of symbols and stuff, which all result in making the info clear. Love your work and thank you for making it available (for personal use)! it’s a true help and blessing! I’m inspired to start working with Illustrator again now. 😉

  45. I’ve just come across Visual Unit and have been absolutely blown away by what I’ve found here! I was looking for a map of the seven churches of Revelation 2-3 to use in my teaching of a small church group (seven or eight adults) and yours is exactly what I wanted. May I use it for this please?

  46. Your site is awesome. The time and effort put into this is a blessing to many. These are great aids and will surely refer your site to others and in my own blog. I will be sure to let you know if I intend to use them for other than personal study and receive permission first.

    Thanks again!

  47. Is it possible to copy two of these for a Bible study (survey of the OT) I’m doing at church? Group of 25 or so. Chuck Sackett–Madison Park Christian Church (Quincy, IL). Great images.

  48. I have been here quite a few times gouging on the info graphics. Am looking out for one on the Roman Road to Salvation. Couldn’t find it anywhere. Would you do an Roman Road? That would be great!

  49. Mark, This is an awesome site! I was trying to figure out how to contact you re: using your material in my Missions Class. I teach at a Christian high school and these graphics would really help my students understand the history of Christianity. Thanks!

  50. Hi Mark, awesome work you have done here! Have you stopped making new graphics?
    Also, I could not find the Reliability chart anymore, did you edit it?
    If I put someting up on my blog, is it okay that I translate it into faroese, and maybe turn some of it into a slide a la powerpoint? I was thinking about the one called creation_gen1-21.jpg. I wanted to maybe cut out each day into one image, and let it rotate in a slide. I’ll credit you for the images/graphics, and if you want I can even put a link to this website, or any other you want me to?

    • Thanks Stefan. I have taken on a new (and very involved) ministry role, so am taking a temporary hiatus from creating graphics. But I hope to get back on board soon. I’ll send you an email about using the diagrams. Thanks, Mark.

  51. Thank you for this – beautiful design, wonderfully presented and sound material – I am mentoring somebody who is wanting a way to understand how things fit together in the Old Testament – I’ve just stumbled upon your site, and found the solution!

  52. Hi Mark

    We are using your Bible timeline graphic as a reference a great deal in Bible study this year (at Crossway Carlingford).

    thank you very much for it, has been hugely helpful

  53. Hey Mark,

    Love the illustrations, they are great teaching aids. Would you mind if I attached your Hebrews diagram to our Hebrews reading plan to assist in comparing and contrasting the two covenants. Thanks for using your gifts in God-glorifying ways.

  54. Great work! I have linked your site to our church Facebook page 🙂

    I haven’t seen anything quite like this since H.Wayne House produced Charts of Christian Theology & Doctrine. Some of his work could have done with the treatment you have given to the scriptures too.

  55. This site is awesome. I did download several pics for my personal bible study. This is going to be useful to figure out where Jesus or Paul went after they reached a particular place.
    Map of Jonah’s flight is wonderful, yet cheesy (I guess it is one of its kind; never seen anywhere else). I identify myself to him where I try to run away with my own plans only to realize at a later point that I am trapped and I need to go back!!
    It would be great if u can send me a copy of the png version of periodic table

  56. Great job again ! I’ve seen the translation to chinese and I’m wondering if it’d be possible to translate some of your works to French ?
    Let me know if possible !

  57. I would like to use several of your charts…wondering about an annual $ or something that would be fair/blessings, etc. Can you suggest? I pastor a church of about 1,000. Would use the charts in Bible studies, in Sunday message Keynotes, etc. Love your stuff…excellent, excellent!
    Thanks, joel

  58. Thank you so much, Mark. I was in need of maps to show my daughters of God designed in geography and how Israel was strategically placed by God on the earth to impact other nations. I pray maybe you can make a map of the Persian Empire. Thank you again, may God continued to bless your graphic designs.

  59. Great selection of graphics. I have often thought that a diagram, or graphic, can not only save many words, but also reveal things so much more clearly. So I’m really pleased to find your site, your graphics, and I’ll be following it from now on. Many thanks. Is it alright to use the

  60. Hi. I was googling for bible charts and finally came across your site. (a) Great job on the designs. I work with CS3 on PC and have yet to get the type of results on this site! =D (b) Anyway, I am writing for permission to use a couple of your charts for the next unit in the Bible study I am currently instructional designing for my husband and church. May i use the Periodic Table and the English Translations, within Powerpoint or as URL supplements, if that is okay? Here is the link for the free class for anyone who is interested – it is getting built as we go along. http://www.schoox.com/25113/hebraisms-why-can%27t-i-understand-the-english-of-my-bible%3F

  61. Have you ever put together a diagram of the temple? I’m yet to find one I’m happy with (clear; geometric; not too much text, so it can go in a Powerpoint).

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Mick. A diagram of the temple is on the long-term to do list. But it’s quite complex, so unfortunately may not happen any time soon. We’ll see.

      • Greetings, brother mark
        I am a Christian student of Industrial Design in Cuba in a secular university. I appreciate your great work published here for the good of Christianity, which has certainly been useful in unfathomable ways. Thank you. I feel inspired by this. I will try to make my own versions and share them in the future with more connectivity (have limitations on the internet).
        It would be good to have a collaboration platform with your supervision …
        See you soon.
        Grace and Peace

  62. Great job Mark! I have no comments – except that I’m eager for more. As someone who works in communications I greatly appreciate the Bible being presented in this graphical format. I memorize images better than I do words, so ‘The Whole Armor of God’ is now cemented in my mind (and taped to my wall). May The Lord continue to bless the work of your hands.

  63. Hey there, your site is awesome, thanks for the work. Question though: your chart on the Bible’s number of copies compared to other historical documents, where did you get the numbers for the copies still in existance?

  64. Just found your site, loved the images. Might I propose a few more:

    – Overview of the gospel of Mathew, Luke & John
    – Harmony of the four fold gospel
    – Overview of the life of Jesus
    – overview of the fruit of the spirit
    – overview of the gifts of the spirit
    – timeline of the testaments, both separate & combined
    – timeline of church denominations after the first church
    – overview of the apostles of Christ (original 12 +13th+Paul)
    – overview of the beatitudes of Jesus
    – overview of the miracles of Jesus
    – overview of the tarnacle
    – overview of the temples, individually
    – overview of the priestly & high priestly clothing
    – Overview of the sacrificial system of tithes, offerings & sacrifices of the law in the Old Testament
    – overview of the 12 tribes of Egypt
    – overview of the statue of Nebuchadnezzar, symbolizing the future world empires
    – overview of the days of creation
    – overview of the covenants in the bible
    – overview of the heavenly scene in revelations 4
    – overview of the hydroplate theory of the flood during Noah time
    – overview of the history of bible translation
    – overview of a shepherd from the bible
    – overview of the prophets in the bible
    – overview of the priestly hierarchy in the bible (priests, chief priest, high priests)
    – overview of the kings of Israel in the bible

    I was so excited that these other things just flew from my mind. My apologies if I have overstepped any boundaries. I appreciate your effort & your work. God bless.

  65. Mark, we’re doing an overview of Revelation with our youth and I would love to use your graphs on the views of, the structure of and the symbolism of Revelation.

  66. Mark,
    Your charts and study aids are prefect to use for classes that I teach for people interested in learning more about Christianity and the Bible. Would I be free to use your material? Thanks for your ministry to the church.
    ~ Rob

  67. Hi Mark,

    I’m so thankful to find your site. How wonderful to see how you’re using the artistic gifts the Lord has given you to help people “see” the Bible in a fresh, clear way! I also appreciate your generous heart by making your work available to people through the internet. Thank you!

    I work for a Christian “service” organization, and I would love to talk to you more about how you may allow us to us your materials. For instance, we would love to translate one of your charts into Spanish. Would you mind contacting me about that?

    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Paul. Thanks for your encouragement. I really appreciate it. I’m pretty busy at the moment, but I’ll send you an email soon, so we can continue the conversation. If you don’t hear from me in the next week, feel free to email me directly: https://visualunit.me/about/

  68. Hey Mark,

    I’d love to hand out some of these resources as ‘tools for bible reading kit’ to give to 10 or so youth in my youth group. Do you mind if I hand out hard copies of some of your maps and bible overview charts?


  69. I teach a small youth group (jr. high to high school) – about 8 students. I really like your diagrams/charts – they are very well done! Being able to present information visually helps them (and me…) grasp and remember concepts.

    I would like to use some of them at various times in my youth group. Would it be ok for me to occasionally print out some of these resources to supplement my teaching?

  70. Hi, Mark.
    As many have said here, these resources are top-notch. Thank you for giving them away to the Internet!
    But there are so many, I find myself just scrolling and scrolling as my only browsing option. So my one suggestion for improvement would be to have a catalog. Make one page, listed in the nav bar at the top, maybe ordered by books of the Bible, or some sensible ordering, that lists all your illustrations by topic. That way it’s way easier to find something that fits a specific need.
    Thanks again!

    • Thanks Nathan. That’s a great idea. However, as this site is very much a side-project for me, it may take a while for me to get to this. So thanks in advance for your patience!

  71. Hi Mark,
    Your resources are fantastic and so helpful, I would love to have permission to use your Micah diagrams for my ladies bible study?

  72. Hi Mark,
    I volunteer helping teach a weekly life-skills class to teen girls going through drug rehab in juvenile detention. We’re allowed to teach it from a biblical perspective and also give each girl a good apologetics version of the Bible. We always try to explain biblical truth and answer questions as clearly and simply as we can, using life examples, biblical examples, and lots of love! We have developed a great relationship with the girls and they listen to what we share with them and have a true hunger to know God and know more about the Bible. Tonight I’m leading an overview of the entire Bible and was looking for some resources to help visualize things for them as clearly as possible. Your charts do such a great job of making things clear. They will help me so much in explaining things, keeping them engaged, and will especially help them so much in getting a better understanding of the Bible. Thank you for your generosity in creating them and in letting others use them!

    • Hi Linda. It’s great to hear from you and to hear of your wonderful ministry to these girls. I’m so glad these resources are useful in these classes. Please let me know, if you’re after anything else. God bless, Mark.

  73. Hi there, I just recommended your site to a couple of hundred pastors who are part of a Facebook group for Elim ministers in the UK. What an excellent resource! Thank you! Nick

  74. Hi mark,

    Love your stuff. I was wondering if you’d mind me making a few 2 x 3 posters of your graphics for my bible class. I teach international students at a private Christian school out here in LA.

  75. I’ve just found your site, Mark, following a recommendation from a pastor in Australia – I am in Kent, UK. It does a cracking job of presenting bible content, context and perspective…and I’ve only been looking for about 10 minutes. It’s great to see that you have been congratulated in comments already – you should be. With the UK being such a visual culture, the value of this kind of presentation cannot be easily overestimated. It’s a fabulous portfolio.

  76. Greeeting from Indonesia. thank you for your creativity explaining bible trough picture. I would like to use it in my bible class.

  77. Greetings,
    My name is Mykola “Nick” Leliovskyi. I live in Kiev, Ukraine.
    I work at Irpin Biblical Seminary and was introduced to your materials on the reliability of the NT through the ministry of Dr. James White.
    I am currently tasked with writing an article about the reliability of the text of the New Testament and I would like to ask for permission to use the slide titled THE RELIABILITY OF THE NEW TESTAMENT in the production of my article.
    I was also wondering if you could point me in the direction of similar slides, since I wasn’t able to locate them on your website.
    Your ministry is greatly appreciated.
    By His Grace,

  78. Mark, I had previously asked permission to use your Bible timeline for my women’s Bible study. It was so helpful. I would love to use your Galatians (2 women), Hebrews (symbols and the mountains), and Bible story cards. We have been walking through the Old Testament and Covenants and these would be really helpful tool.


  79. I apologize if i am repeat replying, but my computer is acting up. I was looking for permission to use your Galatians (2 women), Hebrews (2 mountains & symbols), and your Bible story cards for a women’s Bible study. I had previously asked about the Bible timeline and it was so helpful…I would love to use the others.


  80. Hi Mark,

    Love what you’re making available here. We’d like to use the 10 Plagues chart as part of a sermon illustration for our church. Please let me know if that’s okay.


  81. Hi Mark, you’ve kindly let me use some of your material before. Your excellent map of the seven churches of Revelation 2-3 has been particularly helpful to our small church group and I wondered if you would please give me permission to use one or more of your charts to support a teaching series I’m doing on Genesis, focusing on Abraham? At the moment I’d like to make use of the Galatians 4 comparison chart – would that be OK? Thank you. John

  82. Truly amazing work! I am so inspired by the effort and diligence you’ve put it! What a great example of how to magnify HIS name with the talent he gave you! GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  83. Thank you so much for creating these graphics to help studying the Bible. I’m personally a visual learner and I really think it would help our people. I stumbled upon this site because we were searching for a map of the churches in Revelation. Wow! I was blown away.

    I’m writing to ask permission to share the Revelation and Hebrews graphics with our people. We’re walking through Hebrews on Wednesday nights and Revelation on Sunday mornings as a congregation and evenings in LifeGroups.

    We would greatly appreciate the use of these helpful resources.

    Ministry Assistant
    The Church at Trace Crossing
    Tupelo, MS

  84. Hi Mark,

    I found another infographic of yours in a google search on the reliability of the NT documents. I’d love to be able to use it in a sermon, and give it to those who are there.


    Penrith Presbyterian Church

  85. Hello Sir,
    Great job on all of the visuals. I teach a bible class to teens and often show them many of your visual aids, I think it puts things into a different light for them and helps them connect the pieces together (especially for the visual learners!).

    Anyway, I am writing to request permission to give some of these visuals as handouts to my students so they can have a copy for their records.

    Also, is there a legend that comes with some of the time lines? I am having trouble deciphering what some of the skull and crossbones are referring to that have a span of time with grey behind it. For example, in the Romans timeline there is a skull and crossbones at 64 AD.

    Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into these.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Gord. Yes, by all means use the resources for your Bible class. There is a little note on the left of the early church history timelines, but it probably should be clearer. Sorry about that! The purple sections show the reign of the Roman Emperors and the gray sections the times of state-sanctioned persecution. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly: https://visualunit.me/contact/

  86. Hi Mark,
    Your graphics are amazing – what a great gift you’ve got! I can see that you’ve also helped many others in their teaching and preaching ministries. I stumbled across your chart of the kings of Israel, and thought it might be a helpful thing to hand out to my congregation (tomorrow!) as I’m preaching from 1 Samuel 8 in which we see the beginning of that long line of kings. My sermon title is “Be Careful What You Wish For.” I don’t know whether you’ll see this before then, but if so, I would love to have your permission to use your chart as a handout.

  87. Hi. Thank you for posting these amazing graphics. I was wondering if I can print out some of the visuals and share with my small group, Kings of Judah & Israel in particular. Thanks in advance.

  88. Awesome site!!!I am working on some Bible Study materials that I may want to publish in the future – either on web or in print. What permissions/etc would you like me to get from you before doing that?

  89. I was about to make my own chart of Kings in Traditional Chinese, then I found that there’s a very neat one in your site, and many of your works has Chinese version! Thank you so much for sharing your work generously.

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